Rug & Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet and rugs act as a sponge, trapping the dust and soil that is being tracked in or through the air, potentially causing breathing problems or even dust allergies. It must be extracted out by dry vacuuming or steam cleaning. This is where we come in. Here is the process Platinum Response follows for rug and carpet cleaning:

  1. Pre-vacuum carpet to remove soil that can easily be vacuumed out.
  2. Pre-condition-Spray an emulsifier to loosen soil that has become trapped that dry vacuuming cannot effectively remove.
  3. Pre-spotting- paying special attention to spots or spills.
  4. Steam extraction- utilizing extremely hot water and rinsing agents to clean and extract the soil.
  5. Dry pass- to ensure quick drying and utilizing the ceiling fan/air conditioning units and or our floor fan to minimize dry time.
  6. Post inspection- looking back over the just cleaned areas to ensure that it has been cleaned properly and you the customer is satisfied.

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