Mould Damage Restoration

Mould growth is a serious problem. Mould is not only a sign of existing or past water damage, it is also a potential health hazard. Mould releases spores into the air which, when inhaled, can present respiratory problems. If you suspect your home or business has mould damage, don’t hesitate to call a mould remediation professional. At Platinum Response, we have the specialized equipment and expert technicians to develop a comprehensive mould damage remediation and removal plan for your property. We specialize in mould damage remediation, mould removal, and mould restoration of damaged areas.

Mould Testing and Remediation Services

Due to potential health risks associated with mould, it is critical that mould remediation work be performed by a qualified microbial remediation technician.

Our qualified mould remediation technicians continue to work with industry experts to develop the most effective methods of treatment for mould and other types of microbial contaminants.

Where mould is evident, we will develop a comprehensive project plan consistent with industry standards and applicable regulations. A program of containment, drying and demolition (if necessary) will be developed.

Once the mould remediation is completed, we will document that the area has been thoroughly dried and remediated. We will work with third party environmental specialists using post-abatement clearance testing to establish that the project has been completed successfully.

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